Parents must apply to the waitlist by submitting an online application through OneList Waterloo Region. Only applications provided through OneList will be accepted.

As child care spaces become available at the centre, Emmanuel will follow up with parents in writing to offer child care spaces in priority order. Specifically, child care spaces will be offered based on the follow priority ranking, where the age of the child matches the program space available:

  •  Families with children currently enrolled at Emmanuel

  •  Families associated with the Perimeter Institute

  • Families associated with Wilfrid Laurier University

  • All other families

 Once a space has been offered and either accepted or rejected, Emmanuel will remove the application from its waitlist.

Registration Policy

Registration for September occurs in January for families within the centre. Registration for new families affiliated with The Perimeter Institute or WLU will take place in February. Registration is open to families from the community in March.  A $50 registration fee and a holding fee of $250 (both fees are non-refundable.  The holding fee goes toward your last months fee) must accompany the following registration forms:

  1. Application

  2. Immunization Form

  3. Immunization Record

  4. General Consent Form


Before registration, families are given a tour of the centre and are encouraged to observe the program.  When registration is complete, families are encouraged to visit the centre as often as they wish to enable their child to become familiar with the program, staff and peers. 

Parent/Educator Meetings

Consultations may be arranged with the Supervisor at any time. Parents are always welcome at Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre and should feel free to discuss with the Supervisor any concerns they may have. 

Ample opportunities are provided to ensure effective communication between parents and educators. Formal parent/educator interviews are scheduled in January. Parents are asked to evaluate the program on a yearly basis. This information is catalogued and displayed outside each classroom.

Financial Policy

There is a registration fee of $50.00 to be forwarded with each new child’s application form. This fee is not refundable. Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre is a non-profit venture and fees are adjusted yearly to cover actual operating costs. Fees are due at the beginning of each month. Upon registration, a $250.00 holding fee is required and will be deducted from the last month fee. This is not refundable if a child is withdrawn before the start date.  Monthly payments can be made by preauthorized payment (PAP) (PAP forms are available at the office), by cash, or by cheque (post dated are required).  Fees are due the 1st of each month (monthly invoices are not issued.)

All cheques should be made payable to Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre.

Note: No refunds or deductions will be made for vacations,  absenteeism due to illness or emergency centre closures due to weather conditions.


Medications are dispensed by the Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor. Parents are asked to fill out medication forms in the office. Medications must be labelled with the child’s name and must be in the original containers. 


Parents should ensure that their child dresses in comfortable, serviceable play clothes. Running shoes are required for gym activities. Children play hard at the centre and should not have to worry about staying clean. The children should have an extra change of clothing at the centre. Boots and clothing should be large enough so that a child can slip them on and off easily. Children go outside for play, so they should be dressed according to the weather.  We ask that children have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes. Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre shall not be held responsible for the loss of personal property during a child’s attendance at the centre.

Health and Safety Requirements

Prior to admission to the child care centre, parents are asked to complete their child’s medical form, and to have a record of all immunizations. Children who exhibit fever, rashes, diarrhea, contagious diseases or exhibit heavy cold symptoms may not come to the child care centre. 

At the discretion of the Supervisor, any child may be sent home if she/he appears to be ill or is risking the health of others. If children are not well enough to play outdoors, they should remain at home. 

A hot meal, using Canada’s Food Guidelines, is provided at noon. Milk and water along with a nutritious snack are served mid-morning and afternoon.  Water is available to the children at all times. 

Every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of children attending the child care centre. In the case of emergency, parents will be contacted immediately. If necessary, the child will be taken to the Emergency department at Grand River Hospital by a staff member.

Emmanuel Child Care Centre aims to be a peanut-free and mango-free environment. Outside food cannot be brought into the child care centre.


When a child is enrolled at Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre, it should be with the understanding that he/she will be there for the balance of the registered period. One month written notice is required for withdrawal from any program. Parents are asked to telephone the centre if their child is absent due to illness. 


Upon arrival or departure each day, parents should accompany their child into the building to put/get his/her belongings from his/her cubby. Parents should not send their child into the child care centre alone. 

Parents may pick up their child at any time during the day. However, children will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the child release form without written permission. 

School Term and Hours

Emmanuel Child Care Centre is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre observes all public holidays and Easter Monday. December 24th. we are open from 8:00am.-3:00pm. The Centre is closed for the Holidays from December 25th. - January 1st. Regular hours will resume on January 2nd. At the discretion of the Board of Directors the centre may be closed additional days between Christmas and New Year’s.

Emergency Closing Policy

To ensure the safety of the children, parents and staff at our centre, Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care may occasionally be closed in the event of an emergency or severe weather.

Severe Weather Closures

Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre severe weather closures will be contingent upon the changing weather conditions that day.  Parents should use their discretion before bringing their children to school in severe weather conditions. Our facility closure procedure is as follows:

Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre will place closure announcements on our website by 7 a.m. 

Centre closures will be announced on CKKW 1090, CHYM 96.7 and KOOL 105.3.We will close anytime the Waterloo Region District School Board announces that all schools are closed.

Policies for Part-Time Child Care Programs

Payment is required for the number of days you have registered regardless of vacation or absenteeism for any reason.  If a statutory holiday occurs on your child’s day you will not be charged for that day. 

Fees are due at the beginning of each month.  Payments can be made by Pre- Authorized Payment (PAP), cash, or cheque (post dated accepted). PAP forms are available in the office.  All cheques should be payable to Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre. 

Substitution of days cannot be accommodated. 

A reduction of fees for families with more than one child applies only to full-time child care registration. 

Parents of part-time children need to be aware that a child attending on a part-time basis will not participate in the entire curriculum.

Parent/Guardian Issues and Concerns Policy

Emmanuel Child Care has a policy and procedure in place to address any concerns or issues that parents and guardian may have.  To see this policy please click here.

Parent Handbook

Click here for a complete copy of our parent handbook: